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Badge Buddies for Hospitals and Healthcare
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Badge Buddies for Hospitals and Healthcare

Badge Buddies for Hospitals and Healthcare
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Proper identification credentials have always been important in healthcare settings. However, in recent years, several US states have begun to adopt stricter identification laws, mandating that employee ID badges include certain information, like an employee's title. Badge Buddies  easily identify the roles of nurses and doctors, and help provide peace of mind for patients and staff. 

Fully-laminated, 24 mil (0.024") Teslin,vertical or horizontal card with color bar and large, white print identifies the wearer. Card back is blank. They easily attach underneath existing ID badges, so there's no need to replace current badge stock. Badge Buddies arrive fully laminated, slotted, and ready for immediate use. Simply place the Badge Buddy behind your existing ID card and clip into place with your lanyard or badge reel for immediate use! 
And they're reusable, saving time and money.
Choice of three different position styles, vertical and horizontal
Can be worn behind any ID card
Color coded with large print - PMS color match: Orange 166, Pink 212,  Blue 293, Green 355
Choose between  popular BadgeBuddy styles such as Doctor, LPN (Licenced Practical Nurse), and RN (Registered Nurse), . Additional "NA" style available in vertical only. 
Compliant with 
Pennsylvania's healthcare ID regulation HB 1482 (2010)
Texas Health and Safety Code HB 2897 (2015)

Ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Price per each badge buddie.

Please order in multiples of 25 pieces